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The One and Only Ivan

I just finished a book that could be considered a must read for any age group.

Check the Amazon LinkImage for additional details related to this classic.  I actually found myself in tears at the end of the story!  This is the perfect read aloud book for intermediate to middle school grades.


5 thoughts on “The One and Only Ivan

  1. I just finished reading Ivan for the first time two weeks ago! I loved it! I teach first grade and thought even they could handle hearing it! What was your favorite moment?
    Mine was when he saw all of his friends in the zoo setting and they were all safe…he was a true hero!

  2. When I watched the Caldecott and Newberry awards, loved the timing of that snow day, I wrote the name down. I’m thinking it probably won’t work for my Young 5’s group. Welcome to the Slice of Life.

  3. I agree with you! THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN is a perfect intermediate grade read aloud. It’s one of the few Newbery winners that I think kids would love. If you have not read WONDER by R.J. Palacio, put that on your reading list. It’s another one every kid in intermediate grades and middle school should read.

    Looking at your header, I’m thinking you are a principal. So great that you are joining the writing community in this way. What a powerful message you are sending to your staff and students.

    • Hi Carol,

      You guessed it, I am Principal of Elm Place Middle School in Highland Park, IL. More importantly, I am a teacher of literacy and everything related to the book and the pen. Thanks for the book recommendation. I have read Wonder and loved every page. The One and Only Ivan is going to be the next read aloud in the two classes that I have been co-teaching the past few weeks.

      Enjoy the day!

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