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World Read Aloud Day

Tomorrow is a day that each school should consider celebrating-World Read Aloud Day.  One of the great joys in teaching is having the opportunity to read aloud to a classroom of children.  

A quote that I found appropriate for tomorrow is:

“It’s very hard to explain to someone who has never read aloud to a roomful of children how very captivating and exhilarating the experience can be.   I feel it is my greatest privilege as a teacher-at every grade level.”  Steven Layne

I will be celebrating World Read Aloud Day as a mystery reader at one of our feeder elementary schools (Indian Trail Elementary School).  My time slot is 1:15pm and I am planning on bringing one special guest from the Elm Place teaching ranks.  We have two picture books picked that we hope will entertain and inspire the 5th grade audience.

Why is it important to include a read aloud as part of the normal classroom routine (for all content areas)?  Consider the following benefits:

-Shared experience of foundational knowledge for an entire class.
-Opportunity to “think-aloud” while reading.  
-Modeling the love of reading to our students (we are all readers).
-Provides the chance to make the content “come alive”.
-Builds a classroom community.
-Links the importance of literacy to all content areas (from Science to P.E.) in a school.
-Fosters a better understanding between teachers and students.
-the list goes on and on!
Enjoy tomorrow at school or at home.  The benefits of reading aloud are too numerous to mention and the joy that comes from reading to children is beyond measure.Image



5 thoughts on “World Read Aloud Day

  1. Reading aloud is one of my favorite things to do with students and yet, it gets put aside so often. I’m glad there is a day set aside to celebrate and encourage this worthy activity.

  2. Good for you that you recognize the value of read alouds and support your teachers in this endeavor! As for me, I love the shared experience with my kids – and I celebrate the practice as often as I can.

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