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World Read Aloud Day!

As I have written over the past few days, reading aloud to children has many benefits.  High on the list in terms of importance is the connection that the reader can make with a class of students.
This was apparent today as we celebrated World Read Aloud Day.  My own school took part in the day, as many classrooms hosted special read aloud events featuring guest readings by adults and students.  Special thanks to Mrs. Schuman’s class for reading aloud to other students in the building.
My own experiences today demonstrated the need to have great teammates within a school that learns.  Ms. Arof and I took some time this afternoon to visit Indian Trail Elementary School, as we volunteered to be mystery readers in Mrs. Buti’s classroom.  We furnished 5 clues to Mrs. Buti, selected two picture books, and found ourselves practicing in front of an Elm Place class prior to our scheduled time.  Our selections?
Nightsong and How I Became a Pirate.

The highlight of the day was connecting to the 5th grade students through our read alouds.  The students practiced predicting, inferring, visualizing, and speaking “pirate”, which left the guest readers (the two of us) with the unexplainable (joy, satisfaction, excitement, etc.) feeling you get after sharing a great book with someone.  Needless to say, are celebrating World Read Aloud Day in our hearts every time we read aloud to a group of children.
Special thanks to Mrs. Buti for inviting us into her classroom today.
Special thanks to Ms. Arof for being a great teammate and reading with me to a group of excited 5th graders.
Special thanks to everyone who participated in World Read Aloud Day.  The day is not over.  There is still time to take part by reading to your own children at home this evening.


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  1. Great to see the books you used for the mystery reader Read Aloud on WRAD!
    Are you familiar with Jim Trelease? He has great brochures on read alouds that you can download for free to copy off for parents.

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