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My Reading Life-My Office Door

Can a principal’s office door make a difference?  Most would say a principal’s office door is boring, lacking any real excitement.  I have decided to change my boring office door into a model for my love of reading.   Read on and find out how this happened.

The overarching topic of this post relates to a few ways I model my love of reading.  

Consider this part of a blog post I co-authored last year:

Modeling My Love of Reading:  The best part about my job is that I have the opportunity to visit many classrooms each day.  In every classroom I see our students reading various types of literature, some for pleasure and some that is assigned by our staff. During my classroom visits, I always talk to our students about their books.  This time is a magical opportunity to develop a true connection to a child-while discussing a book.  These conversations (with a student or group of students) usually include an opportunity to share books that I am reading, help me build a “Someday” list for my future reading time, and allow me the chance to observe the comfort level of teachers related to independent reading in the classroom (do teachers confer with students, recommend books, do book talks, etc.).  In addition, I have used this time to model conferring with students during reader’s workshop, discussing the thinking of our students related to reading, strategies they might be practicing, and future books they may want for their classroom library.  In other words, my classrooms visits are used to model my love for reading and the expectation that our students (and adults) will be prolific readers.

Another way I can model my love for reading is to display what I’m reading or have read over the past year.  This is how my boring office door has become an archive of my reading life.  Consider my “new” office door, which the entire Elm Place Team (students, parents, staff) can see while walking in our halls, as an example.Image


This is a list of my top 5 favorites:



The idea is simple-model the love of reading for those around you.  I am positive that the door will generate conversation about books, my favorites, and the Raider Blue (we are the Elm Place Raiders) color I used.  Regardless, My Office Door is another way for me to model the love I have for reading.  And-it dresses up what would otherwise be a boring office door.




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  1. Thanks for sharing about your un-boring office door! It’s so wonderful for kids to see you as a literacy leader in your building! Love the idea of sharing your top 5!

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