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What are you Reading?

What are you Reading?

I have been asking a simple question around Elm Place Middle School today.  

What are you Reading?

The question is a relatively simple one in the grand scheme of education.  Yet, the question also provides an additional opportunity to talk about reading.  

I decided a long time ago, back when I first entered the education profession, that I needed to read-A Lot!  Why?  I knew that the more I read, the more I would learn.  The more I read and shared my reading with students, the better chance I had of hooking them on reading.  This was especially important at the middle school level, when students often become dormant readers due to lack of choice, lack of reading role models, or lack in teacher support when picking books.

As I attended our team meetings and visited classrooms today I asked my simple question.   What are you Reading?
I asked our teachers.
I asked our students.
I asked the parents that visited me today.

And I encouraged our teachers, parents, and students to share what they are reading with others in our school.  The simple act of sharing what you are reading or recommending a book could make a connection between a teacher and student, bring a student out of dormancy related to reading, or be the spark that ignites the love of reading in a child.

What are you reading?

I am preparing to read The One and Only Ivan aloud to our 7th grade Language Arts classes starting tomorrow.  I plan on sharing my love of reading with my students for the next few days reading an amazing book! 

ImageThat is what I am reading!


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