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The Talent Code-Chapter 7

Our 6th Grade Team continued their discussion of The Talent Code today during our team meeting.  Consider Mrs. Wyatt’s notes below:

Chapter 7 – How to Ignite a Hotbed!( This should be an interesting topic to discuss!)
The chapter basically talks about how two teachers- Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin created KIPP(Knowledge is Power Program) – where they stole the “best” ideas for their classroom.(longer days, shorter summer vacation, uniforms, punishment-reward system, innovative techniques, etc) with the goal being getting students college ready. “Work Hard, Be Nice” page 140-141
The author Daniel Coyle uses this KIPP idea as an example of “pure ignition: the art and science of creating a talent hotbed from the ground up, without the assistance of a World Series homer or any other magical breakthrough.” page 143 
Other “Talent Hotbeds like Curacao, Russia, and South Korea were ignited by a lightening strike: a breakthrough star, or a magical victory. No one predicted or planned them.” page 139
 Question to ponder- 
Do you agree with this concept? Does it work? Why or Why not?