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Teacher Appreciation Message

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank our PTO for today’s wonderful luncheon in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.  The staff at Elm Place appreciates all our parents do for the school community. Today’s luncheon was another example of how much the PTO and our families support our school.  I Special thanks to Mara Metzner for organizing the luncheon today.


I hope everyone knows that the Elm Place Staff is a exciting group of dedicated professionals who go the extra mile for our students.  Joanna and I are blessed to work with teachers who engage and inspire students to do great things in and out of the classroom.  Our staff is always eager to improve, innovate, and collaborate with others related to the success of our kids.  


If you have a moment this week, consider sending a message of thanks to your child’s teacher (past or present).  Sometimes the most simple message (email, card, or note) can provide an extra bit of inspiration for the teachers of our children.

Thanks again to the PTO for today’s amazing luncheon and to all in our community for continued support.  Elm Place would not be a great place without all of you.

Richard Schroeder
Elm Place Middle School