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All Write!!!! Conference

Greetings from the All Write Conference in Warsaw, IN.

The keynote was presented by Carl Anderson.  Notes from the presentation are below.

Carl Anderson-Keynote


Can we teach creativity and innovation?


How we teach can matter as much as what we teach.



Creative people are the kinds of people who take initiative.

They may initiate independently or within organizaitons.

In WW kids learn about taking initiative b/c they have choices and because we teach them how to make choices.

Choice ot topics.

Choice of genre.

These choices allow kids to gain experiences related to making choices.  

“If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”  Ken Robinson

-The trend in ww is toward less and less choice.  

-When our primary concern is the teaching of writing, there are sometimes good instructional reasons why we narrow choice.

-In order to nurture creativity, we should give students choice for large portions of the school year.



WW is the nature place for passions to take place.

“Creative, innovative, successful pwople spend 10,000 hours developing their skill.”  M. Gladwell

Writing Territories:  writers have favorite topics and ideas that they return to again and again in their writing lives.   Don Murray

What are your writing territories?


Critical Thinking

The questions we ask are important.

To write is to think.  Writing is thinking on the page.

Why is this important?

What do i need to understand about this topic?

What is the history of th topic?

What do I think of this topic?  Why?

What do others say about this topic?

What are some other ways to look at this topic?



How different it is for young people today.

Marc Prensky, Educational Leadership, March 2013

National standards lead to national curriculum.