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Observation in Spanish Class

I have not been back to posting on the Blog lately.  However, the time is right to revisit a daily reflection related to great teaching and connecting with kids.  So, here we go with the first blog of 13-14.

Today I had the chance to visit the classroom of one of our Spanish Teachers.  I was able to spend a period observing and interacting with a classroom of excited and motivated students.  Why were they so motivated?

I’ll narrow that question down to three elements.

1.  collaboration-students were collaborating for a good portion of the class.  This took place in groups and in the whole group setting with students delivering feedback to one another.

2.  Teacher talk vs. Student Talk:  When I reflect upon the observation this struck me as interesting.  The teacher talk vs. student talk swayed heavily in favor of student talk.  

3.  feedback:  The teacher delivered specific academic feedback and students did the same with each other.  Students were never wondering if what they were doing was correct or not, with feedback leading them toward excellence.

Overall, the class was an A+ if I ever saw one.  The minutes flew by for the observer (me) and the kids.