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Stronger in Priorties

I’m sitting at church this Sunday listening to a message about being stronger in priorities.  The idea is pretty simple-your priorities should be reflected in your calendar and the time you spend each day.  For me, one of my main roles in life is being an instructional leader of a school community.  The question-how is that role reflected in my calendar?  

This year, I became a SAM (School Administration Manager) principal and Elm Place became a SAM building.  The process is dedicated to focusing the school leader’s time on instruction, setting specific goals for the amount of time spent on instruction each day.  I can’t begin to explain how transformational the SAM process is for any school leader.  My time each day now reflects my priorities, to the point where my SAM team (AP, School Psychologist, Social Worker) plan my days/weeks according to our specific goals.


2 thoughts on “Stronger in Priorties

  1. I love this thought, Rich. Principals need to be those instructional leaders. I know they WANT to, but if time for it is not etched into your calendar, I know your day can whittle away putting out fires and attending meetings. Scott Belsky, in his book, Making Ideas Happen, calls this “reactionary work flow” and how we can’t let it control our time.

    Don’t you love it when the message at church is exactly what we need to hear because it’s where we are in our life? He knows.

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