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Leadership Lessons

I just finished reading a pretty good article featuring 15 leadership lessons from Ronald Reagan.

Leadership Lessons from Ronald Reagan

The article has special meaning since we choose to name our youngest daughter after the Great Communicator.

I reflect on two of the lessons with special focus as a school leader-the importance of personnel and the idea that we all need to “study” our part.

First, the importance of hiring well in schools cannot be underestimated.  When we seek out the best and the brightest to work with our kids, great things follow!

Second, some many of us don’t take the time to study our part in the business of schools.  Andy Stanley said it best with these three questions:

What are we doing?

Why are we doing it?

How do I fit in?

The last question is key in terms of studying your part.  How did I fit in?  What is my role in the organization and what we are doing?

So, take a look at the leadership lessons and think about how they can play a role in terms of your own leadership.

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