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The Trinity of Top-Notch Leadership

I saw a very inspiring leadership talk about a week ago that focused on the “Trinity of Top-Notch Leadership”.  The three characteristics that top-notch leaders have in common are:

-Self Awareness

-Learning Agility

-Emotional Intelligence

These three characteristics, when possessed by a leader, lead to more inspired teams, focused and engaged employees, and healthy organizations.

My own reflection during the message focused on self-awareness and learning agility.  As a SAM principal (www.samsconnect.com), I have learned a great deal about the power of self-awareness.  We all have our own strengths and areas of improvement.  The top-notch leaders spend a great deal of time understanding their own areas of strength and the strengths of those on their team.  This awareness of self is critical for synergy to occur, taking the talents of those on a team and maximizing the learning, product, etc. of the team.

Learning agility is something I consider my strength.  The challenge for leaders is to continually grow, as organizations often only rise as high as the leader’s skills at leadership.  By purposely seeking out leadership growth opportunities (reading, leadership conferences, etc.), leaders of organizations can continually display the learning agility to lift their team to new heights.

Check this link if you are interested in hearing more about the trinity of top-notch leaders.