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The Bucket of Vitality

Over the weekend I had a chance to hear a message about leadership at my church.

Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church presented the Bucket of Vitality.

The BoV is fairly simple to explain.

Leaders all have buckets of our energy and resources.

The BoV of a leader should be as close to full as possible in order for the leader to make wise decisions.

So, do this reflective activity.  Look at the picture of the bucket.  How full is your bucket of vitality-right now?

How many things are drawing from your bucket?  What punches holes in your bucket, draining your energy levels?

What would your leadership team say about the bucket?  Would they report high vitality levels?  Low?

The key to the activity is to identify the things that fill our bucket back up.  Think about what will revitalize you-family, friends, walks, reading, etc.

Who is responsible for refilling the bucket?  You!  Only you!  As a leader, make sure your bucket is filled with vitality and you will have the energy to take on the most demanding situations.  Lead with a bucket that is only half full or empty and you run the risk of making poor decisions, taking shortcuts, and leading ineffectively.

So, do the Bucket of Vitality activity on your own and with your leadership team.  Be sure you are leading with a full bucket!IMG_1775